Marengo Elementary School

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Arrival / Dismissal Time: 

A student who arrives after school has started must report directly to the office to check-in before being admitted to class. Students who arrive between 8:15-8:40 will be marked late. Students who arrive after 8:40 will be marked tardy. A letter will be sent home if a student is late and/or tardy five (5) or more times within one trimester. Repeat offenders will receive a phone call from a school administrator. Students are not to be on campus before 7:50 a.m. and must walk home or be picked up promptly at their dismissal time. They should not be waiting for dismissal times of others. Parents should meet their student/s at the covered lunch area.

Irregular Departures During School Hours: 

If your child will be leaving school prior to the regular dismissal time, please send a note with your child that indicates the student’s name, date, time of pick-up and the name and relationship of the person picking up the student. The student should give the note directly to the teacher at the beginning of the school day. Students will remain in the classroom until a person arrives in the school office to pick them up.

When the authorized person arrives at school to pick up the student, the adult must report to the office to sign the child out of school. Students will ONLY be released to the authorized person indicated in the note or listed on the student record card in the office. If your child returns before school is over, please escort him/her to the office to sign him/her back into school.

Students will not be released during school hours to ride bicycles or walk home alone.


Absence From School/Independent Study: 

We are required by law to secure an absence excuse from an adult when a child has been absent from school. Please call the school in the morning if your child will not be attending school. Please call 626-441-5850 and then press #1 to report absences.

Please click to see the 2023-2024 SPUSD Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is vital to student’s success in school. The student, who is frequently absent, misses social interaction and direct instruction from his/her teachers even though written work can be made up. Any day or hour absent is a missed learning opportunity.  Also, our school loses funding for each absence, regardless of the reason; including illness or excused absences. Schools do NOT receive funding even if the absence is excused. This law went into effect in 1998. Any absence is a loss of revenue as well as instructional opportunities.

If your child must go out of town for 3-14, you may request that your child is signed up for an Independent Study Agreement. Please see the steps outlined below:

  1. At least 2 weeks in advance of the absence, please report to the office to sign an Independent Study form.
  2. The form will be given to the teacher in order to specify the requirements of the of the Independent Study contract.
  3. Ensure that your child completes the assignment and returns it to the teacher as prescribed on the form.
  4. Assignments are due when the student returns to school.

Visiting School:

All volunteers must first report directly to the office to sign in and obtain a visitor badge.  Please return to the office and sign-out after the volunteer service is over.

School tours include an overview of the many school programs and a visit to a classroom. Please visit Marengo's website calendar for Prospective Parent Tour dates.

Visiting for any other reason must be scheduled in advance with your child's teacher in conjunction with school administration.  


Homework Request For Illness Caused Absences: 

Parents may request assignments after the second day of absence by phoning the school office in the morning. Homework may be picked up at 3:00 p.m. the day of your phone call.

Emergency Procedures & Preparedness Plan: 

During School Hours

  1. Regardless of whether it is an alert or actual disaster, all students will be held at school until the school principal is notified by the superintendent to release students.
  2. Early Release — Until notification is received to send student home, students will be released only to their parents or an adult listed on the child’s emergency card.

Each classroom is equipped with an emergency bag stocked with medical supplies, light sticks and emergency blankets, a three-day water supply and a one-day food supply. In addition, a solar powered radio and two portable toilets are stored on campus.

In the event of an actual emergency, students will be evacuated to the upper playground and will be released to parents one at a time so that an accurate accounting of students can be made.

Lunch / Nutrition:

SPUSD continues to offer free brunch and lunch for students thanks to California's Universal Meal Program. Brunch is served during morning recess and lunch is served during the lunch break. Menus can be found on the Food and Nutrition Services page of the SPUSD website. Students can also bring their own food from home. 

Students planning to partake in free brunch and/or lunch must know their 6-digit student ID number, which can be found on the AERIES Parent Portal

Children may either go home for the 45-minute lunch period or eat at school. An adult must accompany those who leave the campus for lunch. Those who eat at school may carry their lunches or obtain lunch in the school cafeteria. Milk (low-fat white or non-fat chocolate) may be obtained for $.50 by those who carry their lunches. This milk is available for purchase on a day- by-day basis only. The cafeteria lunches are available for $3.25 a day, including milk. Lunches may be paid for daily in cash or by pre-payment into their accounts. All children must enter their account number when buying lunch. 

Menus for the hot lunch program are posted each month in classrooms, as well as sent home with each student. Marengo School uses the “Speed Line” system where there are five categories available every day, i.e. main dish, bread, fruit, vegetable and milk. Students choose 3, 4, or 5 items.

So that an adequate number of hot lunches may be prepared at the high school kitchen for your children, the school secretary is required to have the lunch count to the high school very soon after school begins in the morning. Consequently, if your child must arrive at school after 8:45 am due to a medical appointment or any other reason, it will be necessary for you to be sure to provide him or her with a sack lunch.

We will provide a cheese sandwich from our Food Service Department to those children who don’t have lunch or lunch money when parents are unable to bring them something. We like to promote responsibility among our students and have an expectation that each child take responsibility reminding parents to provide a sack lunch or putting money in their child's lunch account.

Medication During The School Day: 
For the health and safety of your child at school it is requested that:

  1. ALL medication given at school must be accompanied by a District form available in the office.
  2. All medication must be given from the prescription bottle or vial and in accordance with the label on the bottle or vial.
  3. For the safety and welfare of your child, as well as the total school population, do not put medication in a school lunch container. This includes such things as Tylenol, cough drops etc.
  4. If medication is given, a medication form must be obtained from the office and signed by your physician. No medication will be given without the dosage, schedule time and amount to be given.


Health Issues - Parental Responsibilities: 

  1. To see that children attend school well nourished, well rested and free from illness.
  2. To ensure that children are dressed appropriately for the weather.
  3. To notify the school promptly if a child has a contagious disease such as head lice, chicken Pox, measles, impetigo, strep throat, conjunctivitis, etc. and to keep the child at home in accordance with school district policy.
  4. To endure that your child brings a healthy, nutritious snack.

Appropriate School Dress: 

We believe that appropriate dress and grooming contribute to a productive learning environment. Students are expected to give proper attention personal to cleanliness and to wear clothing that is both reasonable and appropriate for elementary age children who are expected to participate in physical education and recess activities. Clothing may not be a distraction to other students or the classroom learning environment and must promote safety.

  1. Any shoe that is not rubber soled: or shoe with wheels built into the soles:
  2. Open-toe, open-heel or over 1” high-heel shoes:
  3. Tops that expose the midriff and/or have spaghetti straps:
  4. Any shirt that displays inappropriate language or graphics or displays a logo or reference to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, sex or violence:
  5. Excessively baggy clothing that inhibits physical education activities:
  6. Cut, colored or dyed hair that distracts from the education process.

Discipline - Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS): 

We place importance on all aspects of a child’s growth and development — emotional, behavioral and academic. At Marengo we have four (4) pillars for positive behavior: Respectful, Outstanding, Always Safe, and Responsible (ROAR).  We emphasize the values of respect for the worth of the individual, integrity and diversity, as well as, the concept of making responsible and safe choices. Part of growing up is learning to make responsible, positive choices. Good behavior, following the rules and making responsible choices are important and are regularly acknowledged at Marengo. Understanding that no one makes the best choice all the time, we stress the importance of making better choices with each new experience.

All adults on campus are here to guide students in following the rules and learning from previous situations and choices. Consequences, either natural or imposed, are an important part of learning to make appropriate choices. Although some actions, behaviors, or violations need the immediate attention of the principal, the teacher is usually the first person to deal with the child when there is a problem. The following procedures are usually taken by the teacher before a child is sent to the office:

  • Discuss the incident/counsel student.
  • Work with the student to correct the behavior (time out, behavior contracts, and modifications of the student’s day).
  • Call the parent or write a note home.
  • Conference with the parent or call a Student Success Team (SST) meeting with principal, counselor, teacher and parents.
  • Send the student to the office with a discipline referral slip indicating to the administrator the steps taken previously.


Once a child has been sent to the office, the administrator will address the behavior using the following procedures;

  • Discuss the incident/counsel student.
  • When appropriate the administrator will facilitate a conflict resolution session between students involved.
  • Student and/or administrator contact the parent.
  • Modify the student’s day with teacher/parent/student input.
  • Parent/administrator/student conference
  • Full/partial day of suspension


Depending on the nature of the incident, parents will be involved and informed about the discipline plan for the student.
Parents and students need to be aware that, according to California law, there are certain actions, which require suspension and may lead to expulsion. Students may be suspended/expelled if any of the acts are committed while on school grounds, going to or from school, and during a school sponsored activity. Among these actions are:

  1. Caused, attempted to cause or threatened to cause physical injury to another person
  2. Possessed, sold or otherwise furnished any firearm, knife, explosive or other dangerous object unless, in the case of possession of any such object, the pupil had obtained written permission to possess the item from a certificated school employee, which is concurred in by the principal or designee of the principal, (includes possession of an imitation or replica of a firearm or other weapon.)
  3. Unlawfully possessed, used, sold or otherwise furnished or been under the influence of, any controlled substance, as defined in Section 11007 of the Health and Safety Code, an alcoholic beverage, or an intoxicant of any kind.
  4. Unlawfully offered, arranged or negotiated to sell any controlled substance, as defined in Section 11007 of the Health and safety code, an alcoholic beverage or an intoxicant of any kind, and then either sold, delivered or otherwise furnished to any person another liquid, substance or material and represented the liquid, substance or material as a controlled substance, alcoholic beverage or intoxicant.
  5. Committed robbery or extortion.
  6. Caused or attempted to cause damage to school property or private property.
  7. Stolen or attempted to steal school property or private property.
  8. Possessed or used tobacco, except as provided in Section 48901.
  9. Committed an obscene act or engaged in habitual profanity or vulgarity.
  10. Unlawfully offered, arranged or negotiated to sell any drug paraphernalia, as defined in Section 11364 of the Health and Safety Code.
  11. Knowingly received stolen property.
  12. Possessed and imitation firearm.
  13. Committed or attempted to commit a sexual assault.
  14. Harassed threatened, or intimidated a pupil who is a complaining witness or witness in a school disciplinary proceeding for the purpose of either preventing that pupil from being a witness or retaliating against that pupil for being a witness, or both.
  15. Unlawfully offered, arranged to sell, negotiated to sell, or sold the prescription drug Soma.
  16. A pupil may be suspended or expelled for acts that are enumerated in this section and related to school activity or attendance that occur at any time, including, but not limited to any of the following:
    1. While on school grounds.
    2. While going to or coming from school.
    3. During the lunch period whether on or off the campus.
    4. During, or while going to or coming from, a school sponsored activity.

Homework Policy:

Time: Daily average based on a 4-day week (M - Th).  Homework should not be assigned on weekends or holidays. 

  Assignments   Recreational Reading   Total
Gr. 1 10 minutes + 10 minutes = 20 minutes
Gr. 2 20 minutes + 15 minutes = 35 minutes
Gr. 3 30 minutes + 20 minutes = 50 minutes
Gr.4 40 minutes + 20 minutes = 60 minutes
Gr.5 50 minutes + 25 minutes = 75 minutes



  • All homework is standards based
  • Homework reviews and/or reinforces previously taught skills and strategies
  • All homework has a purpose that is communicated to students and family (for example:
    When a writing assignment or project is assigned, guidelines and a distinctly communicated focus of skills and traits will be provided)
  • Within a class, all students are to be given the same homework assignments although modifications may be provided
  • The family’s responsibility is to provide a home environment that supports self-directed student study
  • Parent/teacher communication is encouraged to minimize conflicts regarding homework and provide support when needed


Students in Grades 3, 4 and 5 and students in K-2 with adult supervision may ride bicycles, scooters, and skateboards to school. Students should be sure to secure the bicycle with a proper lock -  leaving a bicycle parked over night is not recommended. Children may not ride any wheels at any time on the Marengo campus - bikes, skateboards and scooters must be walked while on campus. Please remind students these items will be taken away from them, and a parent will have to come in with them to reclaim the items.

Classroom Celebrations: 

Classroom celebrations are organized by classroom teachers with help and support from Room Parents. These celebrations occur throughout the school year.  Store bought or restaurant prepared food items are preferred and recommended when proving food for classroom celebrations. Classroom celebrations should follow guidelines outlined in SPUSD's Wellness Policy:


Birthday Parties- District policy states that birthday parties are not part of the school day. This includes sending in refreshments and party favors. Students may not hand out party invitations at school.

Field Trips:

Field trips are determined by each grade level. 

Student Council:

Marengo students in grades 3-5 elects two student representatives to serve on the Student Council. Student Council meetings occur before school starts--a schedule of dates is sent home with representatives.

Telephones and Cell Phones/ Smart Watches: 

Students will be allowed to use the phone in the office or classroom for emergency calls only.

All after school or social arrangements should be made prior to the school day.  The use of cell phones, smart watches, or other personal communication devices are not permitted during the school day. 

Lost And Found / Names In Clothing: 

Each year, a distressing amount of clothing is lost, found, and unclaimed. Please place names in your child’s clothing so that we may promptly return lost articles to him/her. A lost and found rack is located by the lunch tables.


The PTA sends a newsletter, the Lion Loop Weekly. The principal and teachers send regular communications to parents to keep them informed about school activities.

All communications sent home with students or passed out at school must be cleared in advance by the principal. Brochures listing grade level standards will be distributed at Back to School Night.

Parent Support Groups:

PTA sponsors academic enrichment programs, and events throughout the year to offer Marengo school students opportunities to expand their knowledge and experience academically and to have fun as well. PTA events include but are not limited to are: Cultural Arts Assemblies, Reflections programs, Holiday Workshop, Parent Party, Parent/Child Dance, Lunar New Year Festival, Super Science Night, Book Fairs, Talent Show, All City Track Meet, etc.

Parents are encouraged to join PTA each fall and invited to attend meetings held the first Wednesday of each month. Look for notices of meetings. Meetings are held mornings and evenings on a rotating basis. Please contact the PTA Board members for further information.


The PTA raises money for the school through a variety of activities which include Wish Night, Read-A-Thon, and Jog-A-Thon. Funds raised are used to support the school’s instructional program and playground equipment. Parent support and participation are greatly appreciated.

Orientation / Questions:

The school schedules meetings during the year to familiarize parents with the school and its instructional program. New Family Orientation, Back-to-School Night, PTA Community Coffees, Open House and school tours are just a few events that families are welcome to attend. 

Parent Volunteers: 

Marengo is known for its very supportive, involved parents. Parent volunteers participate in all school activities. Your participation is needed! Please contact your PTA classroom representative or your child’s teacher.

School Site Council (SSC): 

The School Site Council (SSC) is a group of parents and teachers who are elected to serve 2-year terms on this committee. The SSC serves as an advisory council in overseeing the planning, implementing and evaluating of the School Improvement Program and its budget. These are restricted funds coming from the State of California. Meetings are publicized and are open to all interested parents.

South Pasadena Educational Foundation (SPEF): 

The South Pasadena Education Foundation raises money and funds for many programs throughout the District in Grades K - 12. They provide all three elementary schools with music and drama programs. SPEF along with the SPUSD provides a summer school program for grades K - 12.

Professional Development Days: 

During the year the District schedules “Professional Development Days” so that teachers may participate in inservice training. On-going teacher training is important to the maintenance of a high-quality instructional program. Parents are often concerned about students’ time out of class for these days. However, the District schedules the length of the school day and school year so that students still receive the number of instructional minutes as required by the State.


Each classroom is scheduled to visit the Marengo Library once a week. Students may check out new books each week if they have returned their books from the previous week. The library is staffed by one part-time librarian. The librarian welcomes volunteer participation from all interested parents. 

Instructional Programs:

Physical Education (P.E.) is scheduled for 200 minutes every ten days.  Students participate in activities designed to improve large muscle skills as well as those which teach the basic fundamental of games/team sports.

Marengo has a music teacher for 1/3 of the academic school year.  Classroom teachers provide additional instruction. The District provides an instrumental music teacher for all interested fifth graders. Instruction is provided for all band instruments.

Marengo has an art teacher for 1/3 of the academic school year.  Classroom teachers provide additional instruction.

Marengo has a theater teacher for 1/3 of the academic school year.  Classroom teachers provide additional instruction.

English Language Development (ELD): 

Students’ English language proficiency is assessed and appropriate instruction is planned.

Special Education: 

Special Education services are available for those students with identified learning disabilities. Students who experience difficulty with learning tasks may be referred by their teacher for assessment. A team which includes school and District support staff as well as parents, determines a child’s eligibility for this program. Programs include:

RSP (RESOURCE SPECIALIST PROGRAM) for students who need assistance in academic areas.
LSS (LANGUAGE SPEECH SPECIALIST) for students who need assistance with speech and language problems.
APE (ADAPTIVE PHYSICAL EDUCATION) for those who need help with large and small skills

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE): 

GATE identified students are clustered into each 4th and 5th grade classroom.  Children have been identified through a variety of testing and assessment procedures, including one cognitive abilities test and input from the child’s parents and teachers. All teachers have received specialized instruction in the methods of teaching GATE students and in differentiating the curricula in terms of depth and complexity.

Extended Day Care Program: 

SPUSD offers an Extended Day Care Program at Marengo. Day and after school for students in grades K-5. For more information on availability and cost, please contact the district office at 626- 441-5810 ext. 1125. The Marengo Extended Day Care phone number is 626-441-5850 ext. 5951.

For more information on the district website about the Extended Day Program, please click on the attached link:

Playground Rules and Policies: 
  1. All students should be engaged in play in on of the following designated play areas:
    • Handball
    • Tetherball
    • Kickball
    • Hop Scotch
    • Four Square
    • Jump ropes/hula hoops
    • Basketball
    • Reading/chess/social tables
    • Play and climbing structure —   All will be allowed to play on the structures every day during their morning recesses.  First grade students will not be allowed on the monkey bars.
  2. Chase of any kind will not be permitted
  3. Students and teachers may bring own equipment onto the playground during designated recess times.
  4. Each class should have two designated students to help put the play equipment away after their recess time.
  5. All games will be played according to P.E. rules.
  6. Play safely and most of all have fun!