Marengo Elementary School

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Principal's Message

April 2, 2020


Dear Marengo Families,


In an effort to lighten your information load, I believe I missed the opportunity to express my thoughts and sincere wishes for your health and strength during this extremely difficult time. Leaving Marengo on Friday, March 13th, my heart and mind were heavy with uncertainty about the growing pandemic. I was comforted by the swift and thoughtful response of the teachers and staff to gather supplemental work and prepare for our sudden absence from Marengo. At the time, we surely did not anticipate our absence to be for the remainder of the school year.


The last weeks have been extremely busy as every SPUSD school and department have supported the development of the independent study distance learning program. I could not be more proud and thankful to be part of such a dedicated and positive team of people. This approach to learning will be different for our elementary students, but I am confident that they will find a daily routine that provides them comfort and an opportunity to show what they know. Thank you in advance for your patience and openness as we begin this new program next Monday.


The staff and I miss you very much and think about your well-being each and every day. This is not what we anticipated, and I know it is unsettling and scary. Nothing can take the place of the face-to-face interactions and connections that we all share. I will continue to be in touch and I encourage you to access the Marengo website at or the SPUSD website at for current news and information. I also suggest that you follow the Marengo Elementary PTA Facebook page and the @lionsofsp Instagram page.


Beginning this Sunday, please be on the lookout for a weekly newsletter that includes special video messages from our school counselor, Mrs. Hutto and Librarian, Mrs. Becker.


Peace and hope,

Mrs. Patricia Cheadle, Principal